megaways-slot-reviews-headerMegaways slots were invented by Big Time Gaming and are now also being released (under license) through several different game providers.

The enormous popularity and uniqueness of these slots have created an entirely new sub-genre of slots: the Megaways slots. You can compare it to the music by Queen: grand, compelling and always instantly recognisable.

Megaways slots have large playing fields, often with 6 reels and 7 rows of symbols. Each spin changes the number of symbols on the reels so that no one turn is the same. The win all ways mechanism is always active. So, there are no fixed paylines, and it doesn’t matter where the symbols end up on the reels.

This creates a vast number of ways to win. Depending on the slot, there can be up to 117,649 or even as high as 248,832 (with White Rabbit) ways to win created.

Many Megaways slots have a free spin bonus, where you can earn extra multipliers, extra wilds or mystery symbols. Besides, the “Avalanche” mechanism is used for many titles.

Winning combinations disappear, to be replaced with new symbols filling in the empty spaces. This way, multiple winning combinations can drop one after another.

Why are these slots so popular?

This type of slot owes its popularity for the most part to the fact that even with low bets, you can win massive amounts of money. Also, many slots streamers play mainly on Megaways slots, because sky-high payouts always do well with viewers.

What is the Feature Drop or the Buy a Bonus feature?

With many Megaways slots, it is possible to buy a bonus feature through the payment of a fixed amount. This will allow you to skip the primary game and immediately start the bonus feature. An attractive proposition, but it does not come cheap. Several slots also have a gamble feature built in, where you can try to increase your amount of free spins.

The same goes for this gamble feature: it’s attractive, but not without risk.

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Which providers produce Megaways slots?

Big Time Gaming is the creator of the Megaways video slots. They were the first to release slots with this unique mechanism, with (tens of) thousands of ways to win, extreme potency and surprising gameplay.

In 2018, Big Time Gaming decided to let other game providers release Megaways slots under license. A brilliant and lucrative move: this way, many more Megaways slots could be brought to market and Big Time Gaming could benefit financially from their brilliant invention in more ways than one.

There are currently five providers that can release Megaways slots:

What are the most popular Megaways slots?

Bearing in mind: Megaways slot machines are extremely popular. And that goes for almost all titles.

It is therefore difficult to determine which are the most popular Megaways slots, but we are still going to make an effort. Megaways slots such as Bonanza, Primal, White Rabbit, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Temple Tumble are probably the most popular Megaways slots.

Also, check out our overview of 10 best Megaways slots to get an impression of what our favourite Megaways slots are.

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Which players are the most suitable for the Megaways slots?

Megaways slots are high variance slots. This means that they are games with a high-risk profile. It is often possible to win 10’s of 1,000’s x your total bet on Megaways slots due to the many paylines, (increasing) multipliers and mystery symbols.

However, this means that it is not only possible to win a lot of money quickly, but also to lose your money fast. We, therefore, always advise you to draw up a clear budget and to stick to it. Megaways slots are better suited for the more experienced slots player than for the beginning slots player.

Another piece of solid advice: try to pick out the best-paying megaways slots.

Where can you play Megaways slots?

Megaways slots are played at most reputable online casinos. To date, dozens of Megaways slots have already been created by various providers, so the chances of an online casino having Megaways slots in its game offering are high.

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Megaways slots reviews

Read the reviews of these Megaways slots and find out what the theme is, how the bonus games work, and how high the theoretical payout percentage of the slot is.

Of course, we will also give you an answer to perhaps the most essential question: how much can you win?