Thunderstruck II

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Thunderstruck II Features

  • High Variance
  • Win all ways
  • Return to Player of 96.65%

Thunderstruck II Information

  • Game Type: Video Slot
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Pay lines : 243 ways to win
  • Minimum Bet : $€0.30
  • Maximum Bet : $€15
  • Bonus Features : 4 different free spins modes, mystery wild reels

Sadly, this Microgaming slot is not based on the heavy rocking tune by AC/DC, but that is probably the only negative we could find.

thunderstruck II microgaming-slots reviewAnd fortunately, just like the namesake song, this slot does indeed rock.

Thunderstruck II is a Microgaming slot that’s an evolution of the original slot that was released in 2004 to great success, and this 2010 title features better graphics and fun bonus games.

In particular, the bonus rounds consist of a Microgaming innovation of a progressive free spins game with 4 different levels, each with their unique powers and variance.

Thunderstruck-II- slot review microgaming

Gameplay and features

Thunderstruck II is a 243 ways to win slot game, with bets that can range from $0.30 to $15.

While the original Thunderstruck slot has outdated graphics and looks more like a classic slot machine, and Thunderstruck II improves on this significantly by finally giving this popular title the visuals that it deserves. You’ll see some Nordic mythology heroes here such as Loki, Odin, Valkyrie and, of course, the god of thunder, Thor.

There are two more symbols with artwork, a Galleon, and the city behind the rainbow bridge, Asgard. Six more symbols are just your usual card symbols, but they still pay, there isn’t that much of a difference between the best- and worst-paying symbol.

The Thunderstruck II logo is the Wild, and it doubles all wins it helps create, which is always a good thing in a slot game.

There is a special Wild feature in Thunderstruck II that activates randomly, Wildstorm Feature, and up to all five reels can become Wild. Of course, this feature will often be responsible for some significant wins.

Thunderstruck II review microgaming

Great Hall of Spins Bonus Game

The Great Hall of Spins is the bonus game in Thunderstruck II, and it’s built on one of Microgaming’s most popular features, providing four levels of free spins game, each having a different number of free spins and a unique feature to go with them.

There are four options, as usual, and they are 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier, 15 free spins with a Wild Magic feature, 20 free spins with a Wild Raven feature, and 25 free spins with the Rolling Reels feature.

You progress through these levels by triggering the Great Hall of Spins.

You will need to enter the bonus game 15 times to reach the Thor level, where you’ll get those 25 free spins with Rolling Reels. This bonus feature will keep you playing for a long time, as it doesn’t pay off to leave the game just when you’re about to hit that next level in free spins.

Financial analysis of Thunderstruck II

We have put together an extensive financial analysis of the Thunderstruck II slot, including:

  • Our results of 5,000 real money spins on Thunderstruck II
  • The prize distribution
  • Your chances of winning on Thunderstruck II
  • How to successfully apply the “Hit and Run” strategy to Thunderstruck II

Our results on 5,000 real money spins on Thunderstruck II

We played no less than 5,000 real money spins on Thunderstruck II.

Here are our results, which include some real surprises!

Unfortunately, we were unlucky with Thunderstruck II. We lost quite a bit of cash: $1,235 to be precise. Looking more closely, you see that we only got one prize above 100x the total bet, which is unusual.

thunderstruck II-financial-analysis-microgaming-1-SURVEY RESULTS

What kind of prizes does Thunderstruck II payout?

Thunderstruck II is a low to medium variance slot which pays out large and huge prizes. Don’t expect mega prizes, of at least 1,000x the total bet.

Thunderstruck II gives prizes of 20x to 50x and 50x to 100x much more often than most other slots: once every 240 and once every 300 spins.

Prizes of 100x to 250x the bet, are awarded pretty often as well: once every 1,500 spins.

You should consider yourself extremely lucky if you get a reward higher than of 500x your total bet. If you prefer more massive prizes, you need more volatile and high variance slots.

thunderstruck II-financial-analysis-microgaming-2-PRIZES

What are my chances of winning with Thunderstruck II?

Below, you find your chances of winning (or losing) a certain amount of $€, when you spin 100 x ($€1 per spin) or 500 x ($€0.20 per spin).

For the sake of comparison, the total amount wagered is $€100 in both cases.

thunderstruck II-financial-analysis-microgaming-3-CHANCES OF WINNING

You see, for example, that your chance of winning 1x to 2.5x your bankroll (profits of $€100 to $€250) is 7.0% if you spin 100 times ($€1 per spin). Chances of winning more than five times your bankroll are slim.

Thunderstruck II is not so volatile. The good news is that chances of leaving your session empty-handed are minimal.

Does the “Hit and Run” strategy work with Thunderstruck II?

With the Hit and Run strategy, you have an initial bankroll of (say) $100. You start playing $€1, $€5 or $€10 per spin, until you, either:

  • Have reached your target profit: profits of at least $€10, $€20, $€50, $€100, $€200, $€500, $€1000, $€2K, $€5K, $€10K, $€20K or $€50K (the latter is 500x your bankroll).
  • Have lost your entire bankroll ($€100 in this example)

The table below shows the chance of meeting the target first:

thunderstruck II-financial-analysis-microgaming-4-HIT AND RUN STRATEGY

Is Thunderstruck II a suitable slot when you choose to play the Hit and Run strategy? Thunderstruck II is a good slot, if you aim to make a modest (but realistic) profit of maximum 2x your bankroll ($€200 profit with a bankroll of $€100).

For example, the chance of reaching the target of $€200 is 24% if you stake $€1 per spin.

If you want a more significant profit of at least $€5K, you need a more volatile slot

Thunderstruck II is a slot for players who like long playing time and prefer to limit the risk of losing it all

The Theoretical RTP of Thunderstruck II is 96.6%, which is pretty good.

If you are not eager to take too much risk and if you are happy with smaller (but still good) wins, Thunderstruck II is the perfect slot for you. Thunderstruck II often pays out prizes from 20x to 100x the total bet and does so more often than most other slots.

Thunderstruck II can be used if you like the Hit and Run Strategy. Do so for a target profit up to 2x your initial bankroll.

Thunderstruck II is ideal for recreational players who seek longer playing time and some great prizes. You are not taking too much risk and still have great upwards potential.

Thunderstruck II bonus round

Our verdict on the Thunderstruck II slot

The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.65% which isn’t bad at all, though you can change the odds in your favour by playing for a long time and making progress in the bonus feature. Of course, you’ll also hit the Wildstorm Feature many times if you play for a longer time. The game lets you do that; it doesn’t eat away your money too quickly.

Most players (us included) play this slot game as a marathon, and it’s worth it as you can get some nice wins. Thunderstruck II has a loyal following, and it remains one of the most popular slots and a title that carried Microgaming to new heights.

Where can you play Thunderstruck II?

The Thunderstruck II slot is found at all reliable Microgaming casinos. One of these Microgaming casinos is Casumo, which is one of our favourite online casinos.

You can play the Thunderstruck II slot at Casumo with a 200% bonus up to $€50 plus 200 free spins.

Play Thunderstruck II at Casumo with a 200% bonus up to $€50