The evolution of maximum wins on Netent slots throughout the years

max wins on netent slots

Netent has released over 100 slots over the past decade. We thought it was about time to have a closer look at the maximum win of all these slots.

Especially after the release of Dead or Alive 2, where the maximum win tops a surreal 100,000x (100 thousand times!)  the bet.

One question that comes into our mind is whether Netent has decided to make the slots more volatile or not. Has Netent tried to keep up with the competition, which has also released more volatile slots since 2018?

We will go into this in a minute.

First, let’s briefly explain the phenomena of maximum wins.

What does the maximum win of a slot tell you exactly?

The maximum win (its all in the name) tells you what you can win if you get all the luck in the world. If the maximum win, for example, equals 1000x the bet, and you do a spin of $€10, the maximum amount you can win is a high $€10 thousand.

Yes, you are (almost entirely) right if you say that if the maximum win is higher than the slot variance (volatility) is higher. It is right in most of the cases, but not all cases.

Netent’s slot Pyramid, for example, has a maximum win of a staggering 36,000x the bet. But Netent qualifies this as a “medium to low variance” slot. It must imply that chances of getting such a maximum win are incredibly small (maybe once in very billion spins). Most top prizes of Pyramid will, therefore, not even top 500x the bet.

Another Netent slot, Joker Pro, has a maximum win of 1,000x the bet. It is much smaller, but the key difference is that this maximum prize is won much more often (around once every 50 thousand spins). It makes Joker Pro, according to Netent, a “high variance” slot.

So, yes, the maximum win is an excellent indicator of the slot variance, but there are exceptions. But in the case of, for example, Starburst, the maximum win is “only” 500x the bet. And this slot has, indeed, a low variance.

The maximum win can be, in some cases, a bit misleading. Many slots provide an enormous high maximum win (and also has the function of a cap), but at the same time, chances of actually getting this win are so incredibly small, that it does not say much.

max wins on netent slots

The maximum win of Netent slots

Now let’s go to the real deal.

Below is an overview of the maximum win of Netent slots by year of release.

max win of netent slots

For presentation reasons, we have capped the maximum win at 20,000x the bet.
For about 60% of all Netent slots, were we able to find out what the maximum win is. Usually, it is expressed in Coins. In 40% of the cases, unfortunately, Netent has not revealed what the maximum win is.

Netent is very open when it comes to the variance of slots, but not always so when it comes to the maximum win. Nevertheless, we managed to find out the maximum win of 80 Netent slots. For the slots Dead or Alive and Who’s the Bride?, it is not revealed by Netent what the maximum win is. We have estimated it to be over 10,000x the bet. For all other slots on this graph, it is disclosed by Netent.

It is interesting to see that Netent has decided to increase the maximum win of slots in 2018/2019. If you look closely, you see that slots released in the years 2012-2016 pretty much all had a maximum win below 2,000x the bet.

Exceptions were Dead or Alive, Mega Fortune Dreams (21000x the bet) and Pyramid (36,000x the bet).

But in 2019 alone, there were quite a few slots with a much higher maximum win, than what we have witnessed before: Ozzy Osbourne (maximum win of 10,000x the bet), Santa vs Rudolf (10,000x the bet), Who’s the Bride? (10,000x the bet) and of course Dead or Alive 2, with a maximum bet topping a surreal 100,000x the bet.

Also, you can see that more and more slots have a maximum win of 5,000x the bet. This was, except for Dead or Alive, not seen before.

Below is the average maximum win of Netent slots by release year.


max win netent slots by release year

Which Netent slots have the highest maximum win?

In the list below, you see the Netent slots with the highest maximum wins. We considered all slots up to and including 2019 (of which Netent provides the maximum win).

As you can see, most of the slots with a high maximum win, are relatively new. Of the top 10 slots (when it comes to the highest maximum win), half of them were released in 2019.

Could 2020 be an even better year for high maximum win Netent slots?

Rank  Name  Year  Max Win
1  Dead or Alive 2  2019  100,000 x
2  Pyramid  2015  36,000 x
3  Mega Fortune Dreams  2014  21,000 x
4  Dead or Alive  2013  10,000 x
5  Vikings  2018  10,000 x
6  Ozzy Osbourne  2019  10,000 x
7  Who’s the Bride  2019  10,000 x
8  Santa vs Rudolf  2019  10,000 x
9  Swipe and Roll  2018  8,100 x
10  Victorious MAX  2019  7,000 x
11  Warlords  2016  6,667 x
12  Berry Burst MAX  2018  6,000 x
13  Drive  2016  5,000 x
14  Emoji Planet  2017  5,000 x
15  Scudamore Super Stakes  2019  5,000 x
16  Spinsane  2019  5,000 x
17  The Wish Master  2014  4,500 x
18  The Reel Steal  2011  4,167 x
19  Wild Turkey  2013  4,000 x
20  Jack Hammer  2010  3,000 x
21  Jack and the Beanstalk  2011  3,000 x
22  King of Slots  2015  3,000 x
23  Berry Burst  2018  3,000 x
24  Halloween Jack  2018  3,000 x

Why has Netent decided to increase the maximum win of slots in 2019?

It is clear that Netent has changed the mathematics of the slots and decided to increase the variance of slots.

Many players nowadays, fed by the slot streamers, are more and more interested in high variance slots. The idea of bagging a life-changing win is very appealing and is a guarantee for likes, shares and views on youtube, twitch and other streaming media.

Put in simple words: those players prefer slot with a maximum win of 10,000x the bet over slots with “just” a maximum win of 500x the bet.