Everything you need to know about Double Ball Roulette


Double Ball Roulette is a unique variation of the classic roulette game where not one, but two balls are used. The maximum payout on a single spin is 1,300 times your stake.

Double Ball Roulette was first introduced to the world at the 2013 Gaming Expo and has made its way to online casinos. It plays just like regular roulette, except with two balls. To avoid collision of the balls during play, Double Ball Roulette uses a compressed air method that is activated by a live dealer to shoot two balls out of a tube right after one another. As the balls are travelling at the same speed, the second ball always lands after the first ball.

Double Ball Roulette has been seen on the floors of several brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas, where it has become a very popular game, mainly due to the increased chances of winning. Twice the number of balls means twice better odds. 

The betting layout is mostly the same as standard roulette. For example, with inside bets, the player has two chances to win, but the pays are less. On the outside bets (the gold bets), both balls must win, but the pays are more. Also, the player may bet that both balls will land on any one number.

One big difference between the brick and mortar version of Double Ball Roulette and the online version is the number of zeroes. Las Vegas casinos typically offer games with a double zero, where online versions will only have one zero. This effectively halves the house edge.

If you are looking to optimise your Roulette strategy, we always advise playing single zero Roulette.

What are the payouts on Double Ball Roulette?

The payouts on Double Ball Roulette are different from regular Roulette as there are two balls in play. There are also three new bet types, including a “super” bet where you can win 1,300 times your stake.

  • Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1 to 18, 19 to 36 — Pays 3 to 1 if both balls land in the chosen 18 numbers
  • 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12 — Pays 8 to 1 if both balls land on the chosen 12 numbers
  • One Number — Pays 17 to 1 if either ball lands on the chosen number
  • Two Number — Pays 8 to 1 if either ball lands on the chosen number
  • Three Number — Pays 5 to 1 if either ball lands on the chosen number
  • Four Number — Pays 3 to 1 if either ball falls on the chosen number
  • Five Number — Pays 5 to 2 if either ball lands on the chosen number
  • Six Number — Pays 2 to 1 if either ball lands on the chosen number

Special bets on Double Ball Roulette:

1) Red-Black: you win when one ball lands on red and one ball lands on black. Pays 1 to 1.

2) Two balls on any number: you win when any two balls land on the same number. Pays 35 to 1.

3) Jackpot: You choose one number from 0 to 36. You win if both balls fall on the selected number. Pays 1,300 to 1.


Where can you play online Double Ball Roulette?

double-ball-roulette reviewTwo versions of Double Ball Roulette can be found at online casinos. Some casinos offer an electronic version of the game. The much more exciting version, however, is the live dealer Double Roulette game. The live dealer version offers live streaming pictures, real live casino dealers and real Double Ball Roulette tables.

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