How to apply the perfect Hit and Run strategy to slots

Reactoonz-hit and run strategy

Have you ever felt that you lose too often when you play slots? Sometimes even hear that winning is impossible with slots?

Unfortunately, we know exactly how it feels. We see that many players have lost too much, simply because of poor (emotional) decisions. Dependent on your ambitions, it is crucial to:

  • Choose the right type of slot. Play a low variance slot if you prefer to play safe, a high variance slot you aim to win the most massive prizes. Avoid some slots at all times! It makes a world of difference.
  • Choose the right stake per spin. Stakes are sometimes too low or too high. Reaching your desired target level could well be a tiny dot in the far horizon, simply because your bets are too small (or too high)
  • Stop playing at the right moment. It is best to stop playing after you have reached a target. Have you set a goal?

If you seek pure entertainment and play with minimal stakes, this article is not what you are looking for. However, if you are keen to increase your chances of winning when you play slots, this article is certainly going to help you save money.

We are 100% convinced that making the right choices, improves your chances!

Beware that, over the longer run, you lose money playing slots. Casinos have a built-in house edge as they have to cover their expenses as well. Guarantees don’t exist in the gambling world.

How does the Hit and Run strategy work?

Experienced slot players, often play the Hit and Run strategy.

How does it work?

It is simple: First, you determine your bankroll. Never play with more than what you can afford. Never borrow money for gambling. For simplicity, we assume your bankroll is $100.

Afterwards, you set yourself a target profit. Are you keen to make $5,000 out of your $100 bankroll? Or are you happy with a target profit of $50? It is the difference between day and night.

We only recommend setting (very) high targets, if you can easily afford to lose your entire bankroll and are willing to take significant risks.

After you have determined your target profit and your bankroll, you start spinning on the slot machine.

You continue, until either:

  • You have reached your target
  • You have lost your entire bankroll

hit and run strategy on slots

Pros and Cons of the Hit and Run strategy

The advantages of the Hit and Run strategy are clear. It helps you to make clear goals. You decide beforehand what you afford and what you want to achieve. You stop playing at the right time.

The disadvantage is that you don’t know how many spins you will have. It could well be that you finish in 5 minutes…or in 5 hours…

As a rule of thumb:

  • If you prefer a short session, we recommend increasing the stake per spin.
  • If you seek a longer playing time, decrease the bet per spin.

Which slots are most suitable when you play the Hit and Run strategy?
Choosing the right type of slot makes a huge difference. If you are keen to have an ambitious target (say $5,000 profit on a bankroll of $100), you should choose a slot with a higher variance.

If your target profit is somewhere around $500 (on a $100 bankroll), you are better of choosing a low variance slot.

Choosing the wrong type of slot leads to you:

  • Not reaching an ambitious target
  • Lose money unnecessarily

Our Hit and Run test with eight slots

We tested the Hit and Run strategy with 8 of the most popular slots. We selected:

Why did we choose these slots?

Simply because these are top-rated, classic slots with a long and excellent track record.

These slots are popular with both regular players and many slots streamers.

hit and run strategy online slots

Our calculations started from the bankroll of $100. We played the Hit and Run strategy 100 thousand times, with each of the eight slots. We also played with three different bet sizes per spin:  $1, $5, $10.  In total, we played the Hit and Run strategy 2,4 million times (100 thousand x 8 slots x 3 different bet sizes).

Hit and Run strategy – Results of the calculations

So, the proof is in the pudding.

Here are the REAL results of our test runs on eight of the most popular slots.

By studying and analysing these results, we discovered which slots are best for each different target level.

We found out which slots and which stakes suit the hit-and-run strategy the best

Besides the type of slot, we also found out how much you have to bet on each spin, to increase your chances of winning – crucial information for serious slots players.

Hit and Run with Low variance slots

Below the chances of reaching the target first with the Hit and Run strategy, with two low variance slots: Starburst and Blood Suckers.


  • If you have a bankroll of $100 and you aim for a profit of $20, the chance of making the target profit is 66% with Starburst and 69% with Blood Suckers. In case you bet $1 per spin. If you choose bets of $5 or $10 per spin, the chances will be lower (with stakes of $5: 53% with Starburst and 50% with Blood Suckers).
  • If you aim a target profit of $1,000, the chance of making it with Starburst will be 0% with bets of $1 per spin, 4.7% with wagers of $5 per spin and 5.6% with stakes of $10 per spin.

hit-and-run-3-results low variance slots

Hit and Run with Medium variance slots

We did the same calculations with Gonzo’s Quest and Thunderstruck 2. You see that you get the best value with these slots if you aim a target profit of $500 to $2,000. In that case, you need a stake $5 per spin rather than $1 per spin.

hit-and-run-4-results medium variance slots

Hit and Run with High variance slots

With the high variance slots Book of Dead and Reactoonz, you get optimal value (compared to other slots) if you target a profit of $5,000 or $10,000 (with a bankroll of $100). Chances of reaching your target first are 0.76% with Book of Dead and 0.91% with Reactoonz if your total bet is $10 per spin.

You see that the odds of reaching lower targets (for example $100 or $1,000) are worse with these high variance slots than with the low variance slots.

hit-and-run-5-results high variance slots

Hit and Run with Extremely High variance slots

We finished our research with the two extremely high variance slots. The results are fascinating.

It only pays off playing these slots if you aim a massive target profit of $5,000 to $50,000 when you start with a bankroll of $100 (which is 50 times to 500 times your bankroll). With Jammin’Jars you get better results than with Dead or Alive.

For example, the chance of reaching a profit of $20,000 (200 times your bankroll) is 0.18% with Jammin’ Jars if your total bet is $10 (one-tenth of your bankroll) per spin.

hit-and-run-6-results extremely high variance slots

Conclusions – high target profits high variance slots, low target profits low variance slots

The calculations show that the ideal slot and total bet per spin, are dependent on what your target profit is.

If you seek a very high target profit, you choose a volatile slot. If you are happy with a modest profit, you are much better off playing a low variance slot.

The table below summarises our conclusions.

hit-and-run-7-results and recommendations

It is fascinating to see that it is better to play a low or medium variance slot if your target profit is $500 or $1,000 (which is pretty substantial, if your initial bankroll is $100).

It is because these slots pay out prizes between 50x to 200x the total bet, much more often than high or extremely high variance slots.

The latter slots save the prize money for the real mega prizes (1,000x to 10,000x the total bet) which is why these slots only add value if you have a very high target profit.

Conclusions – the total bet per spin needs to be pretty high if you aim a top target profit

The results show that you require a total bet of $10 per spin (with an initial bankroll of $100) if you seek a target profit of $5,000 or more. If your bet per spin is lower than that, you will not make it.

The downside is that you might lose your entire bankroll within a couple of minutes… No risk, no glory!