Roulette Strategies

Players have created more strategies for roulette than for any other game in casinos. This could be because the atmosphere is rather relaxed around a roulette table and players are given ample time to analyze previous results and place bets. Although there are a large number of roulette strategies, it cannot be said that any of them will help players beat the house.

Here are five fun roulette strategies that players can use.

Martingale roulette system

roulette winning strategyOne of the oldest roulette strategies around, the Martingale system also happens to be the first strategy that new players try.

It advises players to double their bets after every loss so that when they finally do win, they will win a large amount, which will not only return their losses, but also give them a tiny profit.

However, players need plenty of guts and an enormous bankroll to try the Martingale method. Players should also remember that roulette tables have betting limits.

For example, a $5 roulette table doesn’t allow players to place bets of over $500, in which case players have to stop doubling their bets once they reach the $500 limit.

D’Alembert system

This is a cousin of the Martingale system, advising players to decrease their bet after a win, but increase it after a loss. Players who use both the Martingale and the d’Alembert systems ultimately reach the conclusion that they will lose a lot of money while winning smaller amounts. Both systems have failed miserably in lowering the 5.26% advantage the house enjoys.

Paroli roulette system

The Paroli system encourages players to take full advantage of their winning streaks. There are several variants of the Paroli system, but the most popular of them appears to be the “Paroli of Three,” an aggressive system of progressive betting that aims at winning three bets.

In this system, players start by betting minimum and continue doing so as long as they lose. As soon as they win a bet, they must double their bets. This continues till they win three bets.

The problem with this system is that the roulette wheel is random and players can never know when they will hit a winning streak or if they will ever hit one. Ultimately, the system cannot lower the house edge.

Shotwell system

Big winner at roulette table using strategyPublished in the Gambling Times Magazine in 1978, the Shotwell system enjoyed a great deal of popularity for a long time.

It advises players to place bets on numbers that are located at even spaces around the roulette wheel so that they have a chance of winning irrespective of where the roulette ball comes to rest.

This system doesn’t really work because the total amount players win cannot compensate for the total amount they lose.

Players can try the system once or twice, but they will ultimately realize that it can neither increase their odds of winning nor reduce the casino edge.

One Hit Wonder Strategy

This simple roulette strategy is based on the premise that your chosen single number will hit sooner or later. The One Hit Wonder system works like this:

  • Choose one single number and place your bet
  • Play the same number every spin with an identical bet size, until it hits
  • As soon as the number has hit, collect your winnings and choose a new number

This non progressive strategy is very suitable for new players as it is very straightforward, easy to learn and requires no money management skills. However, seasoned roulette players will probably get bored soon.

Winning Roulette strategies

Sadly, there is no surefire roulette strategy that can help players to win. There is always the house edge that gives the online casino an advantage in the end. The best strategy is to play the game for entertainment alone. It is perfectly fine to use a roulette system that suits your budget, but only to help you understand the game and to help you to stay focused.

Of course, always make sure that you only play single-zero Roulette (opposed to “American” double zero roulette.

Ideally, find a single zero Roulette game that has the Le Partage and en Prison rules (usually called French Roulette) for the best odds and thus chances of winning at the beautiful game of numbers that is called roulette.

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