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The SuperBigWin.com pokie player strategy guide –

How to win more, risk less and beat the pokies!

beat the pokies strategyWould you like to find out how you can substantially increase your odds of beating the pokies? Want to know which pokies to play and which pokies to avoid?

Do you know what the ‘gambler’s fallacy’ is and why this is so important?

Just to be clear: our strategy does not guarantee that every pokie session will be a winning one.

Nor will we direct you to pokies that pay out all the time. That kind of pokie only exists in fairy tales. So don’t quit your day job just yet.

But we can show you some great tips and tricks that will help you to win more, risk less and beat the pokies.  

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So, let’s get started with our pokies strategy guide! First, we have to acknowledge a few important facts:

1. Pokies pay out less money than goes in. Even if you are on a winning streak, never forget that pokies are designed to take your money. Enjoy your winnings, but don’t for a second believe that your luck will last forever. It won’t. 

2. Some pokies pay out a lot more than others. Pokies in pubs might only pay out 65 – 70%. Pokies in land based casinos pay out a little higher at 80 – 90%. Online pokies pay out a lot higher, with payout percentages of over 98%!

Spinata Grande Netent Pokie3. All spins are absolutely random. Every spin is random, both winning and losing combinations.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) will take care of that. You cannot influence the outcome of the spins.

4. Don’t get caught in the ‘gambler’s fallacy‘. This is the common gambler’s belief that a machine (or outcome) is ‘due’ to hit. A pokie has no memory and cannot see into the future!

5. If you are losing more than you can afford, it is time to take a break from gambling. Pokies can be incredibly fun and exciting, but if you find you are chasing your losses or spending more than you intended, you are not on the right track to winning. Digging yourself into a financial hole will do no one any good.

So, now we have these basics covered, let’s get to the good stuff.

Yes, gambling can be a lot of fun. And yes, even with the odds stacked against you, you can absolutely win by playing pokies.

Leuk grietje met de duim omhoog verkleind

How? By sticking to a winning pokie strategy

Follow these seven simple rules and you will greatly increase your chance of winning at pokies, Will you win every time? Absolutely not. But you will find that you will lose less and have a much bigger shot at beating the pokies than before.

1. Check the payout percentage.Before you start playing a pokie, check out to the pay out percentage. The higher the percentage, the better it is for you, the player. Most pokies will show the Return To Player (RTP) percentage in the game rules. As a rule of thumb, an RTP of over 96% is good, an RTP of more than 97% is great and over 98% is excellent (and very rare). Check out our top 10 highest paying pokies page!

2. Decide which casino bonuses to use. A huge amount of bonuses is given out by online casinos every year, ranging from match bonuses (deposit bonus), free spins and reload bonuses to monthly mystery spins. Whenever you get an offer, decide what the actual value is to you. What do you get, what can you win and what is the risk involved? Don’t take every bonus, as some have huge wagering requirements, which will make it impossible to clear the bonus.

3. Check if there are no hidden bonus terms. Are the wagering requirements sky high (for instance 40 times bonus + deposit)? Is there a maximum payout on bonus winnings? Is your favourite pokie excluded from the bonus? Check the bonus terms before you deposit. When in doubt, always ask the helpdesk. Better to be safe than sorry.

4. Use the hit and run strategy. This is a very useful and effective strategy. Set a realistic goal before you start gambling. For example, if you made a deposit of $50, you goal could be to turn that deposit into $125. If you reach your goal, cash out immediately and stop playing for that day. If you go over the goal, withdraw your target amount and keep playing only with the extra money that is still in your account. Of course, the wise thing here is to set another, a secondary goal. By using this technique you are not only capping off your wins but also your losses. You are effectively blocking the chance of losing your winnings (which happens a lot, we have all been there), thus losing less and winning more.

5. Stay clear of progressive jackpot pokies. The chance that you will hit the jackpot is extremely small. But the payout percentage in the base game will be a lot lower than with non-progressive pokies. The reason? Somebody has to pay for those big jackpots. Don’t let it be you. If you are going to play pokies with progressive jackpots, only do it when the jackpot amount is extremely high and don’t go overboard.

how to win more with pokies strategy

6. Play low or medium variance pokies. High variance pokies such as Dead Or Alive, Raging Rhino, Jurassic Park,  Immortal Romance or 300 Shields can pay out amazing sums of money. But they can also have very long dry streaks. Chances are you will run out of funds before you finally hit the big one.

Instead, a better strategy is to stick to lower or medium variance pokies such as Spinata Grande, Starburst or Aloha! Cluster pays. It is perfectly fine to play a high variance pokie once in a while, just don’t go chasing the big one as your only objective.

7. Play pokies at a casino with a loyalty programme. If you are going to play, why not get rewarded for it? Casinos like Cashmio have loyalty programmes that reward players with free spins, free play, extra reload bonuses and great prizes – at no extra cost.

8. Remember to have fun. Playing the pokies should be a form of entertainment. If you feel that it has become something other than a form of entertainment, take a break.

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Of course, pokies are called online slot machines in most other parts of the world. Whatever you choose to call them, they can be a lot of fun to play and even give you some major financial windfalls.

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