This is how Casumo works – adventures and rewards

how does casumo work

We would like to tell you a little bit about Casumo. First of all, Casumo is the fastest growing online casino today and its popularity has skyrocketed among Australian players.

Second, Casumo is not your run of the mill online casino. Of course, they have all your favourite pokies from world class providers such as Netent, WMS and Quickspin. But Casumo is a lot more than just a great cybercasino. Everything at Casumo is part of the game. As you play their casino games you also take part in the so-called Casumo adventure where you travel to different places and planets whilst gaining experience and getting lots of valuable rewards along the way.

We have written a small guide for you through Casumo’s space adventure.

First step: create a casumo

The casino adventure starts from the moment you register and your own little casumo is born. As you can see in the picture above, all newly hatched casumos have a rope around their waist. This represents their beginner’s level.

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Play games and gain experience

Okay, you have registered, deposited some money and started playing. At this moment, you are not only collecting winnings in the casino games but also valuable experience at the same time. Like a real adventure, the more you play, the more you progress and the more experience you gain.

The progress bar on your screen will show you just how far you’ve reached and how much you have left to progress to your next level.

Level up and get shiny rewards

how does casumo workReaching new levels is very important for casumo’s. Every time you reach a new level you have a chance to receive extra bonuses from Casumo. These bonuses are called valuables and they will automatically pop up in the inventory in your account. Just like your own personal treasure chest.

Valuables are always free and can be anything from free casino cash and deposit (reload) bonuses to free pokie spins or other valuable items. The more you play, the bigger your chance to receive valuables once you reach a new level.

Collect trophies

When playing you can also collect trophies for small achievements during your play. Did you win three times in a row? That’s one trophy for you. Finally got that big win on your favourite pokie? Here’s another trophy for your collection.

Trophies are just like medals or diplomas and not only give you a sense of accomplishment but also bragging rights in the Casumo community.

Get better belts as you progress

As you keep playing casino games and gain experience, your rope will soon enough change to a white belt. The next belt is yellow, then red, blue, purple and finally the black belt.

Getting a black belt is the ultimate goal for all casumos. Wearing it will give you lots of respect and power in the Casumo community. The better belt you have, the better and bigger bonuses you will receive in Casumo’s weekly promotional campaigns.

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