Casumo player bets a little over $1, wins $12k on Dead or Alive


What does one get for a dollar these days? A nice apple? A Mars bar? A postage stamp? While we like all these things, if we had a choice we would most probably take 11.9k AUD in cash, which is exactly the equivalent amount of money a very lucky casumo from Norway managed to win the other day.

On a bet of a little over one dollar! One dollar, thirty, to be precise. The pokie he was was playing? Netent’s huge popular Dead or Alive, a pokie that has a big reputation for bringing out the big guns, erm winners.

Of course, Casumo called the 29-year-old player who was clearly overjoyed.

Hey buddy, congratulations on your big win!

Thanks, guys, thanks a lot. I really wish I had taken a video of this amazing bonus win on Dead or Alive. Alas, I forgot to take one because I was so excited. Of course, when I landed the scattered gun symbols that triggered the bonus round, I had no idea what was going to happen. I did manage to take some screenshots to show off to my friends.

That’s so great! Do you have any cool plans for the winnings?

Well, nothing really too exciting here. I am going to pay off the loan on my car other stuff like that. I wish I could tell you something more thrilling. I will probably throw some money back into Casumo, hoping for even bigger wins.

I have tried a lot of online casino sites over the last decade – a lot.  But since I discovered Casumo a couple of years back it is the only site I use. I absolutely love the bonus system, the free spins, the excellent customer service and the pokie selection.

dead-or-alive big-win-casumo
Can you tell us a little bit more about the record win?

As you know, in Dead or Alive all the wilds are sticky during the bonus free spins and when you get one on each reel, you earn five extra free spins. My reaction when the first four wilds appeared was “Yay! Another wildline tease!” But then more and more wilds appeared on my screen and I got so excited I was literally jumping up and down in front of my computer at the end. That was such a fantastic feeling! To be the new “record holder” at Casumo also feels so awesome. It gives me something to brag about for sure.

Apart from progressive jackpots, this win is the biggest pokie win in relation to the stake (over 9,100 x the stake) in Casumo history.

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