The single biggest mistake (nearly) every casino player makes

We are going to keep it short and simple. We want to talk about the single biggest mistake that nearly every casino player makes. We have all made it. We know we have.

And most of us will continue to make this same mistake, over and over again.

  • It is not about not learning the proper rules of casino games
  • It is not about only never playing pokies with a low return to player
  • It is not about never playing progressive jackpot pokies

While those are all good strategies that will help you get the best odds, there is one thing that most casino players just refuse to do.

What is the number one mistake every casino player makes?

As simple as it is true, this is the biggest mistake made by casino players:

To not stop while being ahead. 

Casino games are a losing proposition. You will lose in the long run. But you will also get ahead of the casino from time to time. How many times have you had a nice profit but decided you wanted even more and kept playing? Only to be out of casino funds 15 minutes later, ready to make another deposit?

How many time were you up $200 and said to yourself: I will stop and cash out, as soon as I reach $250, losing it all in the process? It makes no sense to risk $200 in order to win $50. If that were a sports bet, the team would have to have a pretty unbeatable track record for you to place a $200 wager in order to win just $50, wouldn’t it? Yet, with casino games, we do it all the time, with worse odds.

It is natural to always want more

It is human nature to always want more, especially if you, like us, love to gamble. If you are on a winning streak, it is easy to start believing that you are on a roll that just cannot end. You might even think that you have done something magical, cracked the code or found a pokie that has a return to player of over 100%.

It is all part of what makes gambling so exciting, and in some cases, even addictive.

So, when you find yourself up and have a tidy profit, stop. Cash out half the funds and go for a walk. Treat the lady to a nice dinner. Buy something cool for your kids. Put some money away for that one holiday that you have dreamed of all your life. Keep the rest of your casino funds for another day.

But whatever you do, stop while you are ahead. Gambling can be a lot of fun and can also make you a lot of money.

Just know when to stop playing. The choice is always yours.